What is this? Another Masonic Curio by Mike Lawrence

The item looks like it could be from French PoW’s during the Napoleonic period! What do you think?

The dimensions are:

H 70 mm
W 100 mm
D 70 mm

Which makes it quite small.

Can anybody help please?

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2 responses to “What is this? Another Masonic Curio by Mike Lawrence

  1. Phill Hatton

    The ark of the covenant and the key to something really important.
    Probably a frequency device or apothecary. Wonder where the lock is located…..

    • Dear Phill
      Many thanks for your interest, it is a tiny box with a wooden seal, the closest I’ve seen is a metal lodge seal from the late 19th century, bit nothing like this, it looks a little crude suggesting in could be a piece of French Napoleonic PoW art. It was definite made to hold the seal.

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