I joined Freemasonry in 1994, and progressed through the chair of my mother Lodge in 2000. My first Masonic article was published 1998 and I presented my first Masonic lecture in 2001. My portfolio now contains over thirty lectures which I regularly presents to Lodges in the Provinces of South East England and Metropolitan Grand Lodge. My lectures have raised almost £10,000 for charity.

From 1997 to 2016, I was the manager of the Folkestone Masonic Center and was an an active member of my Craft Lodge, Holy Royal Arch Chapter and Mark Lodge.

In 2008, I was greatly honoured to be appointed Provincial Assistant Grand Standard Bearer. In 2009 I was invited by the R. W. Bro Michael Robin Bailey, Provincial Grand Master for East Kent, to present the annual Cornwallis Lecture. In 2010 I was invited to give the Colin Dyer Memorial Lecture and in 2011 I participated as a member of the East Kent debating team.

Also in 2011, I celebrated my 10th anniversary of Masonic lecturing, by producing ten new lectures with unique musical themes from which all proceeds have been donated to the East Kent 2014 Festival.

I was honoured again in 2014 when I received a promotion to Past Provincial Deputy Grand Sword Bearer

In addition to my lectures, my  work has been published in Freemasonry Today, The Provincial and at http://thefreemason.com. My short stories and articles have also appeared in several non-Masonic publications and periodicals. I now present regular masonic articles through my blog at https://freemasonsareus.wordpress.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/freemasonsareus.

In 2018 I was also very fortunate to have two Masonic books published, “I greet you well” and “Making a daily advancement” both available through Lewis Masonic.com.

By nature I am a simple man with a logical and pragmatic approach to research, therefore I happily dismiss 90% of Masonic publications as being romantic, fanciful and in many cases, wrong. However, I personally accept the rights of all men to adhere to their own beliefs, and if in that sense that makes some believe that Freemasonry developed from some supernatural or arcane system then so be it.

Personally I do not and I believe this does more harm to Freemasonry than good.

Therefore on my pages you will only find good readable and informative articles that are well researched and based upon documentation rather than speculation.

I am also happy to receive questions on any aspect of Freemasonry.

Please feel free to disagree with me or send me a comment if you find the articles interesting.

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  1. ratchetracer

    found your blog through link from another blog,StanwellMason
    fraternal greetings from a member of John W. Jenks Lodge # 534 in Punxsutawney, Pa., U.S.A. !!!

  2. Hi, you say you are happy to take questions, but don’t say how to send them to you.

  3. Hello Freemasonsareus – i have some questions i would like to ask you – can you please let me have your email – please email me thank you in advance

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