This little chap is only 2 cm long, here’s what it is? By Mike Lawrence

The following reply was received from the Assistant Curator, United Grand Lodge of England, Great Queen Street, London.

Thank you for your enquiry. This is quite a fascinating object, never seen the like before, however what we believe it to be is a watch fob that is also perpetual calendar. The numbers are on a disc that turns via that square nut on the back, most likely via the same key that would wind a pocket watch. The owner turns the disc so that the numbers match up with the days of the week and he has a reminder of the date. It’s clearly designed to be looked at by whoever was wearing it. I don’t think there is a winding mechanism of any sort, just the internal circular plate on a pivot. You can find perpetual calendar fobs nowadays, but they are usually a bit more complicated and not masonic.

Difficult to put a date on it, late 18th century is our best guess and it might be continental, not British. Something in the design of the compasses suggests that to us. A lovely and quite unique object, thank you for contacting us about it.

Yours sincerely

Assistant Curator.


Although the Assistant Curator suggested it may be continetal, I note the days of the week are signified by English spelling capitals.

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